Check Out Our Teacher Leaders!

Check Out Our Teacher Leaders!

My name is Mirna Cervantes and I have been in education for fourteen years. I taught ELD in my early years' in education instructing students in all levels of ELD, from Emerging to Bridging. Inclusively, I got to do District work by helping students and teachers in English Language Development in the elementary and middle school setting by providing professional development on best instructional practices. Following that, I served as a Reading Specialist in kinder through third grade for two years. I worked with small group instruction at students instructional reading level and provided professional development to teachers in Language Arts. Currently, I am an instructional coach at a Dual Language school where we have a 90/10 model and the targeted language is Spanish. It is my passion to continue to help students and teachers have academic success.

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New California Dyslexia Guidelines


Take a moment to review the CA Dyslexia Guidelines published by the California Department of Education (2017).  While they are guidelines and not mandate, CRLP recognizes that these are best practices to support the needs of students with dyslexia.  Become informed about the newest research on dyslexia and how districts can best support students through assessment, instructional practices, and services. Our Signature Program, CRLP Results is a perfect fit to support this work. As an educational leader, we urge you to become a knowledgeable advocate today!


Become an advocate for all learners!